Tuesday, September 17, 2013

New Tasty Pepper Jellies from Rose City Pepperheads

Newly arrived from Rose City Pepperheads in Oregon for autumn cooking and entertaining!

Apricot Attitude Pepper Jelly

Bourbon Blaze Pepper Jelly

Chillin' Cherry Pepper Jelly

Peaches and Scream Pepper Jelly

Raspberry Habanero Pepper Jelly

Use Rose City Pepperheads pepper jellies on bagels and cream cheese; as glazes for pork, chicken or fish; marinate skirt steak or shrimp with them; or stir into homemade gourmet salad dressings. We like to use them as dips for jalapeno poppers or mozzarella cheese sticks! Most of them are delicious as ice cream toppers or on top of cheesecakes, too!

Each jar sells for $7.50.

Stop by the Gilded Lily to stock up on Rose City Pepperheads in our gourmet food section!

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