Monday, November 29, 2010

Sparkly Pins for Holiday Gifts

Our glitzy, collectible holiday pins make fantastic gifts for mothers, wives, sisters, best friends, daughters, and co-workers.

Some of these pins shown here may have already sold; stop by our jewelry counter to browse our current selection.

Themes we carry include fruits, insects, animals, birds, crosses, flowers, and other symbols.

We offer complimentary gift packaging for our pins (as well as our other items over $10).

Shop at the Gilded Lily for these pins and our other beautiful jewelry and accessories.

Food-Themed Christmas Ornaments

Some of our favorite trees this season are the Food Trees in the gourmet food section of our shop.

They're decorated with fruit-shaped and vegetable-shaped ornaments, plus sparkly garlands for a touch of glitz.

Watermelon Ornament

Asparagus Ornament

Cluster of Grapes Ornament

Ear of Corn Ornament

Head of Lettuce Ornament

Glittery Broccoli Ornament

To buy these or our other fabulous Christmas ornaments, visit The Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jewelry Gifts for Christmas

Looking for a special piece of jewelry to give a loved one for Christmas? Come browse the Gilded Lily's jewelry counters to see if anything catches your eye.

We sell necklaces, bracelets, pendants, earrings, bracelets, jeweled headbands, cocktail rings, and other beautiful jewelry accessories.

Brands we carry include Seasonal Whispers, Adia Kibur, Ollipop, Sweet Romance, Lalo Orna, Cherie & Me, Vanessa Montiel, Spring Street Design, African Express and Silver Seasons.

We also carry handmade jewelry from local designer (and our owner) Marc Ball.

These pictures are just a representative sample of what we might have on offer currently. Some of these pieces may have sold already.

Grape-Themed Christmas Decorations

Our grape and wine lovers' themed trees can be found in the gourmet food section of the Gilded Lily. Besides our lighted grapes, you can find grape garlands, wine-themed ornaments and other fabulous foodie Christmas decorations.

To see these and our other decorated Christmas trees, visit the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Gold Christmas Trees at the Gilded Lily

We wanted to show off two of our gold-themed Christmas trees, in case you haven't been in to see them yet!

See these and our other elegant Christmas trees at The Gilded Lily, 2 North Wenatchee Avenue in downtown Wenatchee. Happy holidays!

Fun Holiday Cookbooks and Gift Books at the Gilded Lily

Looking for a new cookbook to help you through the holidays? Or a fun, special book to gift someone for Christmas? Here are a few of the latest titles we're delighted to offer you here at the Gilded Lily gift shop.

Christmas Cooking with Kids: Get kids into the kitchen whipping up gorgeous treats, cakes, party food, and edible decorations for the holiday season. There are more than 50 recipes from around the world. All are simple enough for children under 11 to make with minimum help from Mom or Dad. The recipes include edible decorations such as Snowflake Cookies and Popcorn Garlands. There are also recipes for party food such as pumpkin soup and Christmas morning pancakes.

Holiday Cupcakes: Annie Rigg shares more than 25 gorgeous ideas for cupcakes for the holiday season. Recipes include Gingerbread Cupcakes, adorable Snowmen, a flock of robins, Candied Clementine cupcakes, little cakes topped with miniature gifts, and “Glass” Stars made out of molten sweets.

Cookie Craft Christmas: Dozens of Decorating Ideas for a Sweet Holiday.

Make every Christmas a cookie craft Christmas! The holidays offer just the right combination of cold weather and family togetherness for cookie crafters to elevate their skills to showstopping new heights.

With more than 60 new Christmas cookie designs, along with festive New Year’s cookies and lovely Hanukkah treats, Cookie Craft Christmas delivers colorful inspiration to cookie decorators just when they need it most. We love the fantastic photographs!

Desperate Cupcakes: We just had to laugh when we saw the cover of this humor book. We thought it would be great as a bachelorette party gift, a birthday present for your most fabulous girlfriend, or as a silly coffee table book at your next cocktail party.

Peterson's Holiday Helper: Cocktails galore! Peterson's Holiday Helper is a fun nostalgic, kitschy cocktail book. "Festive pick-me-ups, calm-me-downs & handy hints to keep you in good spirits."

The Four Seasons Book of Cocktails: Tips, Techniques, and More Than 1,000 Recipes from New York's Landmark Restaurant.

As one of New York's most celebrated restaurants, The Four Seasons is well known for its celebrity clientele and power lunchers. But it is also famous for an amazing selection of delectable cocktails created by legendary bartenders who have provided their tastiest recipes in this indispensible guide.

Elegantly designed, this book includes all the classics plus scores of new favorites, along with bartending tips and fascinating Four Seasons lore. And because every drink deserves an accompanying dish, there's a “Bar Bites” section from the restaurant's kitchen!

Fairytale Cakes: 17 Enchanted Creations. Every child has a favorite story, whether it’s about a little mermaid, an ugly duckling, or a brother and sister who meet a witch in a gingerbread house. And no matter how many times mom and dad tell that tale, it’s never enough; the young listener is hungry for more. So maybe it’s time to delight that young prince or princess with a magically decorated, hand-baked cake based on that beloved book.

All the necessary inspiration and instruction are here, from fondant fundamentals to creating shapes and forms. A short synopsis of the related story accompanies the cake, along with vibrant color photographs. Adults may think these sumptuous sweets look too good to touch—but kids will eat them right up!

Make Me a Cake!: A Delicious Game of Creative Cake-Making. Layer away, and may the best cake maker win! Kids can race to build the tallest, most beautiful cakes in this delectably delightful game for preschoolers. Make Me a Cake! comes in a gift-ready, sparkly, cylindrical cake box package and includes more than 50 different beautifully illustrated cake pieces. Young children can play with friends or by themselves, using the game as a puzzle. Delicious fun!

Very Merry Cookie Party: How to Plan and Host a Christmas Cookie Exchange. Today's busy bakers want to make a gorgeous variety of delicious Christmas cookies without spending days upon flour-smudged days mixing, rolling, and baking.

This is your guide to the Christmas cookie exchange, where everyone shows up with a few batches of homemade cookies to swap. It's all the variety without the fuss! Red-and-white striped edges make this adorable book look like a Christmas present, with 120 recipes to choose from, plus tips for decorating, planning, and throwing the party.

Snow Play: DIY goes outdoors, giving winter enthusiasts more than 25 new ways to play in the snow. A great coffee table book, especially in our snowy town of Wenatchee.

With crazy creatures to build, challenging games to play, and outrageous spaces to sculpt, author Birgitta Ralston, a Europe-based designer, has imagined the most creative ways to play in the snow. From a looming Loch Ness monster to a slippery Ice Slide, from a Snowball Lantern to brighten a yard to Curious Footprints to mark freshly fallen snow, the book includes 25 projects and games to draw you outdoors on a snow-filled day. Celebrate a winter birthday by building a giant Frosted Cake (and use food coloring to dye the snow!), or light your walkway with the flickering flames from a set of snowy Glow Cones.

You’ll find hours of entertainment to brighten even the coldest winter days and nights.

Visit the Gilded Lily to purchase these or our other gourmet cookbooks and holiday gift books. Don't forget, we offer free gift wrapping on books over $10!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Baby Christmas Trees and Ornaments

Have you seen our baby-themed Christmas trees at the Gilded Lily? They're in the Baby Room at the rear of the shop.

A soft plush teddy bear angel hangs proudly on the end of a branch.

This glass stork ornament hugs an infant under his wings.

Kids love our peppermint teddy bear!

A whimsical red-and-white plush cupcake ornament.