Sunday, June 7, 2015

Charming New Children's Books at the Gilded Lily

Just arrived - fun new vintage reproduction shape books for babies and lavishly illustrated books for older toddlers.

Beauty and the Beast Shape Book, $9.95

Five Little Kitty Cats Shape Book, $9.95

At the Zoo Shape Book, $9.95

Farm Babies Shape Book, $9.95

The ABC of Fantastic Princes, $19.95

The ABC of Fabulous Princesses Book, $19.95

Sofia's Dream, $17.95

Find these and our other new books for kids and babies in our children's section here at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee. Or shop for these new titles online at our website!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

New Gourmet Vinegars at the Gilded Lily

Introducing our new infused vinegars from Paris, France based A L'Olivier (founded back in 1822!)

We thought you might enjoy using them for your backyard grilling, elegant dinner parties, and summertime soirees.

Fig-Infused Vinegar

This vinegar combines the sweetness of fig with the acidity of vinegar. Ideal for white meat.

Mango-Infused Vinegar

This mango-infused vinegar combines the fruit's smooth and sweet taste with the vinegar's acidity. Its a perfect accompaniment for duck breast or pork.

Espelette Pepper Vinegar

This vinegar balances sweet and flavourful red pepper with a hint of Espelette pepper.

Each 7 ounce (200 ml) bottle sells for $23.50.

Find these and our other gourmet vinegars and balsamic vinegars at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee. Or purchase them via our website, where every purchase over $50 gets free shipping to US addresses.

New Gourmet Barbecue and Summer Cookbooks at the Gilded Lily

Newly arrived at the Gilded Lily - just in time for Father's Day gifts!

The World's 60 Best Skewers, by Veronique Paradis, $17.95

Jams & Preserves, by Academia Barilla, $12.95

Barbecue: 50 Easy Recipes, by Academia Barilla, $12.95

Everyday Grilling: 50 Recipes from Appetizers to Desserts, from Sur la Table, $15

Pizza on the Grill, by Bob Blumer, $26.95

The BBQ Companion: 180+ Barbecue Recipes From Around the World, by Ben O'Donoghue, $29.95

Fire and Smoke: A Pitmaster's Secrets, by Chris Lilly, $24.99

Plank Grilling: 75 Recipes for Infusing Food with Flavor Using Wood Planks by Dina Guillen, $19.95

Shop for these and our other gourmet barbecue cookbooks at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee. Selected titles are also available on our website.