Tuesday, February 26, 2013

New Baggallini Purses for Spring 2013

If you're a fan of Baggallini handbags and travel accessories, come on down to the Gilded Lily and check out our newest arrivals!

St. Tropez Mini Bagg in Azure lined with Pear, $69.95

St. Tropez Mini Bagg in Coral lined with Mustard, $69.95

St. Tropez Mini Bagg in Black lined with Khaki, $69.95

Atlas Duffel in Tomato lined with Mango, $119

Atlas Duffel in Black lined with Khaki, $119

Zip Out Bagg, Large, in Black, $34.95

Zip Out Bagg, Large, in Lime, $34.95

Zip Out Bagg, Large, in Orange, $34.95

Zip Out Bagg in Medium, Black, $29.95

Zip Out Bagg in Medium, Lime, $29.95

Zip Out Bagg in Medium, Orange, $29.95

Shop for these and our other Baggallini travel accessories and purses at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee's downtown shopping core!

Mezzaluna Pasta for a Delicious Italian Dinner

New from Italy's "La Piana," delicious gourmet basil pesto mezzaluna pasta. It's shaped like tiny half moons with crinkled edges to hold the sauce.

This mezzaluna pasta needs to boil for 15-16 minutes.

It can be served with your favorite tomato-based sauce, such as one of our gourmet pasta sauces from Rossi Pasta.

This mezzaluna pasta is also delicious with a simple butter and pine nuts tossed dressing, or sauce made with sauteed sliced cherry tomatoes, prosciutto, black pepper and a touch of garlic in butter and olive oil.

Serve the mezzaluna pasta with a green salad, our new Grissini breadsticks, and your favorite red Italian wine.

Shop at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee for these and our other gourmet Italian foods!

New Baby Board Books

Newly arrived this week at the Gilded Lily: baby gift books! Each book features a darling finger puppet that your baby can play with while you read the board book with them.

In My Tree

In My Meadow - great for Easter!

In My Flower

In My Barn

On My Leaf

Each board book sells for $8.99 and can be gift packaged for you at no extra charge.

Also newly arrived at the Gilded Lily: New board books from Petit Collage. The inventive books feature a smaller book nestled within a larger one. Turn the pages to make the baby animals match up with their parents. $8.99 each.

You Are My Baby: Farm

You Are My Baby: Safari

Shop for these and our other baby books at the Gilded Lily baby store in downtown Wenatchee!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Gourmet Crackers and Biscuits from The Fine Cheese Company

Visit the gourmet food section at the Gilded Lily to stock up on tasty gourmet cheese accompaniments for your next dinner or cocktail party. Pair these gourmet toasts, crackers and biscuits with cheeses, fresh fruits, our jams and jellies, and your carefully selected wine for the occasion.

Biscuits for Tea

Biscuits for Tea come in Chocolate & Raspberry, Honey & Almond, Ginger & Lemon, Vanilla & Cream. $6.90 per box.

Apricot, Pistachio & Sunflower Seeds Toast for Cheese

Cherries, Almonds & Linseeds Toast for Cheese

Dates, Hazelnuts & Pumpkin Seeds Toast for Cheese

Pair Toast for Cheese with goat cheeses, blue cheeses, bries and vacherins. $10.25 per box.

Fennel Crackers

Fig Crackers

Chive Crackers

Our Fine Cheese Company crackers are $6.75 per box.

New Purses and Handbags from K&K Interiors

New from K&K Interiors:

Marigold Working Woman's Bow Handbag, $79

Oval Black Patent Clutch with Flower, $31.95

Black and Red Reversible Tote with Matching Bag, $73.95 - Arriving soon!

Fuchsia Patent Bag with Bow, $94.99

Woven Black/Beige Evening Bag, $57.99 - Arriving soon!

Coming Soon - Beige Satin Polkadot Bag with Tortoiseshell Trim, $62.99

Shop at the Gilded Lily gift and accessories store in downtown Wenatchee for these and our other handbags and evening bags!

Bliss Studio's Lovely Decorative Pillows

Just arrived at the Gilded Lily: Embroidered linen decorative pillows from Bliss Studio in California.

Coral Pillow, $347

Morris Pillow, $410

Papillon Pillow, $252

Hydrangea Pillow, $410

Azafran Pillow, $347

Shop for these and our other luxury home decor and pillows at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee.

Gilded Lily's Gift Books for Hosts and Those Who Frequently Entertain

The Hostess Diary is wonderful for people who entertain often. Throughout, it contains advice and tips on great entertaining. There's space for planning a menu and creating your guest list. You can record special ideas and details for your next cocktail party, soiree, birthday party or Sunday brunch. From Chronicle Books, $16.95.

This charming retro "Baking Notes" book lets you keep track of your treasured baking recipes. This book includes lined pages to write down your favorite recipes; space for planning special meals; information on food and wine pairing; useful conversion charts; a food glossary; information on ingredients; perforated tear-out pages for shopping lists; and a pocket and plastic sleeve for storing loose recipes, notes, and clippings. $14.95.

"Wine Notes" makes a wonderful host or hostess gift. Bring one to the next dinner party you're invited to! The first two parts of Wine Notes include advice from renowned wine experts on choosing, storing and enjoying your wines. Next, there's room for your tasting notes, lists of wines in your collection, and a pocket and plastic sleeve for storing your notes, clippings, and special wine labels. $14.95.

Shop for these and our other gift books and entertaining supplies at the Gilded Lily!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Gourmet Cookbooks Just Arriving at the Gilded Lily

We never can resist books about cake baking. "Mini Cakes & Other Bite-Size Treats" includes recipes including strawberry layer cakes, mini blueberry bundts, glazed pear galettes, tiny millefeuilles, profiteroles, bite-sized tartlets, rum and pineapple pavlovas, and tiramisu roulade. $15.95.

In "Milkshake Bar," author Hannah Miles shares recipes for indulgent cream soda floats, banana caramel milkshakes, thick chocolate malt shakes, watermelon coolers, apple snow shakes, raspberry ripple floats, honeycome shakes, salted caramel shakes, Cherry Garcia shakes and a Rose Dream shake. $15.95.

You can't help but develop a powerful thirst when browsing through "Punch Parties." Award-winning mixologist Ben Reed presents recipes for punch to serve in bowls, pitchers full of punch, and some non-alcoholic punches as well. Kick up your next outdoor party a notch with these recipes for Berry Caprioskas, Hurricanes, Mojitos and Sangrias. $19.95.

"All you Knead is Bread" presents 50 bread recipes from all over the world. Several of the recipes utilize unusual grains found in other countries. The breads you can learn to make from this book include pita bread, soda bread, cinnamon buns, cheese rolls, rye bread and corn bread. $24.95.

"The Guilt-Free Gourmet" offers nutritional information alongside its tempting recipes. Chapters include Brunch; Sharing Plates; Light & Fresh; Foods from Afar; Comfort Food; Home Baking; and Sweet Treats. $24.95.

"Perfect Pairings" helps you pair wine with its themed menus. The book offers over 100 tempting recipes, plus an entire chapter on cheese. Also, there are tips on choosing and buying wine, plus decanting and serving it at home. $24.95.

Browse these and our other gourmet food cookbooks next time you stop by the Gilded Lily!