Thursday, February 7, 2013

Introducing Simpatico Home Bath and Body Products

Introducing Simpatico Home, a line of bath and body products and candles handmade in St. Louis, Missouri.

The scents we carry are:

  • Ambergris - Scented with musk.
  • Coral - Fragranced with top notes of sunny citrus, a body of rich ruby pomegranate, and mellowed by sweet musk and vetiver.
  • Petal - Scented with magnolia, herbaceous coriander, juniper, clove and cardamom.

Ambergris Bar Soap

Coral Bar Soap

Petal Bar Soap

Simpatico Home's bar soaps are made with pure vegetable soap, enhanced with shea butter and olive oil. The oversized bars are triple milled to make them long lasting and creamy. $11.95 each.

Ambergris Bubble Bath

Coral Bubble Bath

Petal Bubble Bath

The luxuriously silky bubble baths are made with pure and natural vegetable based soap, sweet calendula petals, and chamomile to soothe the skin. $25.95 each.

Ambergris Hand and Body Cream

Coral Hand and Body Cream

Petal Hand and Body Cream

The hand and body creams are made with shea butter and aloe leaf. They don't contain any animal products. Small enough for airplane travel! $22.95.

Ambergris Hobnail Candle

Coral Hobnail Candle

Petal Hobnail Candle

We love the look of these decorative glass hobnail candles. Made with 100% pure vegetable wax and cotton wicks, they burn for 80 hours if the wicks are tended to properly. After the wax burns away, the candle holders can be used as small vases. $28.95.

Visit the Gilded Lily to experience these and our other bath and body products and candles!

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