Saturday, November 23, 2013

Seasonal Finger Puppet Books for Babies

We thought this darling "Little Turkey" finger puppet book would be a wonderful "Grandma's Thanksgiving visit" gift for a young baby.

Each finger puppet board book features a soft plush toy that Baby can play with while you read them the simple story.

Little Reindeer Finger Puppet Book

"Little Reindeer" is an excellent stocking stuffer for Baby's first stocking; or it can be tucked into a gift box or gift bag to complement your other Christmas gifts.

Snow Baby Finger Puppet Book

We like "Snow Baby's" winter themed story.

Each finger puppet book sells for just $6.99. Shop for these and our other baby books at the Gilded Lily gift shop on Wenatchee Avenue!

New Gourmet Balsamic Glazes at the Gilded Lily Home Store

New this month at the Gilded Lily - Italian natural flavored balsamic glazes by Mussini - Made in Italy.

Cherry Balsamic Glaze

Created from the finest Mussini Balsamic Vinegar and natural flavorings, they are as tasty as they are versatile.

Fig Balsamic Glaze

Thick in consistency, they are perfect for dressing plates using a directional squeezy bottle.

Original Balsamic Glaze

The rich balsamic flavors enhance any dish. They can be used with either savoury or sweet recipes. Perfect for decorating meats, fish, sliced meats, cheeses, salads and more.

Pomegranate Balsamic Glaze

Also called cremas or balsamic reductions, they are made from grape must and balsamic vinegar in Modena, Italy under very tightly controlled conditions. They have no added sugars or preserves. $14.95 each.

Shop for these and our other gourmet foods at the Gilded Lily gift and Christmas store in downtown Wenatchee!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Delicious Gourmet Cheeseball Mixes from Wind & Willow

New from Wind & Willow - Savory and sweet cheeseball appetizer mixes. Handy and versatile, you can use them to make many tasty treats to serve at your dinner parties, as Thanksgiving appetizers or at your cocktail parties.

Besides a tasty cheeseball, you can use Greek Feta & Olive Cheeseball Mix to make Mediterranean stuffed portobellos; Greek feta pizza; hot Greek feta and olive dip; Greek feta country club chicken salad, and Greek feta chicken.

Use Rosie's Cantina Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix to create Cantina Chicken as well as savory cheeseball appetizers.

You can make Smokehouse potato skins with Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseball Mix, plus bacon & cheddar chicken or a bacon chicken homemade pizza.

Use Tomato Pesto Cheeseball Mix to make mini tomato pesto sandwiches, Tuscan cheese bread, tomato pesto alfredo, and savory cheeseballs.

We also carry two of Wind & Willow's Dessert cheeseball mixes. They're so tasty, they sell out quickly and we can barely keep them stocked!

You can use Pumpkin Pie Cheeseball Mix to enhance a Harvest Spice cake, make pumpkin cheesecake, bake pumpkin muffins, add flavor to sweet potato pie, and make pumpkin gooey bars.

Try Caramel Apple Cheeseball Mix as a bagel spread, to make caramel apple popcorn, caramel apple cheesecake, mini caramel apple dessert tarts, and a Harvest Dessert pizza!

Each of our Wind & Willow cheeseball mixes sells for just $4.99 per box.

Shop for these and our other gourmet food treats at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee!

Los Feliz: The New Black and White Houndstooth Line from Lodis

New for the 2013 Christmas holiday season: Lodis' sleek, modern new houndstooth designs.

Lodis "Los Feliz" Iris Zip Around Wallet, $110

Lodis "Los Feliz" Janelle Phone Crossbody, $98

Lodis "Los Feliz" Kylie Hard Shell Phone Case, $32

Lodis "Los Feliz" Mini Card Case, $35

Lodis "Los Feliz" Quinn Clutch Wallet, $128

Buy these and our other luxury leather gifts from Lodis at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee. Or phone us toll-free at 1-877-550-5459 to order over the phone!

New from Lodis: Century Boulevard Leather Goods

New leather goods from Lodis in croco-embossed leather!

Century Boulevard "Tracy" Crossbody in Coal, $198

Century Boulevard "Kaylee" Satchel in Coal, $378

Century Boulevard Janelle Phone Crossbody, in Coal, $98

Century Boulevard Credit Card Case in Coal, $58

Century Boulevard Mini Card Case in Coal, $35

Try on these and our other luxury leather purses and accessories at the Gilded Lily gift shop in downtown Wenatchee!

New from Lodis: Colorful Metallic Olympic Boulevard Accessories

New this week from Lodis!

Olympic Boulevard "Marilyn" Minaudiere, in Peacock, $98

This minaudiere clutch purse can be held in your hand or worn over your shoulder with the drop-down shoulder chain. Made from distressed Italian leather.

Olympic Boulevard "Willow" iPad Easel in Peacock, $79

Olympic Boulevard "Willow" iPad Easel in Smoke, $79

Each iPad easel features a magnetic closure and 360 degree swivel.

Olympic Boulevard Mini Card Case in Peacock, $35

Olympic Boulevard Mini Card Case in Smoke, $35

Each mini card case holds 30 credit cards and features a double magnetic closure.

Shop for these and our other Lodis leather accessory gifts at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Purses from Lodis: Ocean Avenue

Newly arrived from Lodis this weekend: Fabulous crossbody purse and glamorous Minaudiere clutch purses!

Ocean Avenue "Marilyn" Minaudiere, in Coal, $98

Ocean Avenue "Marilyn" Minaudiere, in Rose, $98

Ocean Avenue "Sloane" Crossbody in Coal, $158

Ocean Avenue "Sloane" Crossbody in Rose, $158

Ocean Avenue "Andra" Clutch Wallet in Rose, $148

Ocean Avenue "Andra" Clutch Wallet in Coal, $148

Try out these and our other Lodis luxury leather purses and accessories at the Gilded Lily Christmas gift shop in downtown Wenatchee!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Spartina 449's New Jewelry at the Gilded Lily

Besides the lovely purses we carry, we now have several jewelry pieces from Spartina 449!

Spartina 449 Signature Cartouche Bracelet in Orange, $48

Spartina 449 Greek Key Hinged Bangle in Orange, $49.50

Spartina 449 Black Lace Hinge Bangle, $54

Spartina 449 Plaza Bar Bangle, $44

Spartina 449 Quatrefoil Bar Bangle, $38

Spartina 449 Anchor Bar Bangle, $38

Try on these and our other jewelry from Spartina 449 at the Gilded Lily gift store on Wenatchee Avenue!

Noir Black Jewelry from Konplott

More new jewelry from Konplott for the holiday season!

Konplott Noir Necklace, $94.95

Konplott Eurowire Oval Earrings, $71.95

Konplott Noir Eurowire Diamond-Shape Earrings, $40.95

Konplott Noir Shipstone Bracelet, $130.95

Konplott Noir Bracelet, $138.95

Try on these and our other Konplott costume jewelry at the Gilded Lily gift shop in Wenatchee's historic downtown.

An Easy Gourmet Thanksgiving with the Gilded Lily

New from Wildly Delicious for Thanksgiving 2013!

Let's start with the most important thing - the turkey! Add a little Wenatchee to your turkey this year with the Wildly Delicious Apple & Thyme Turkey Rub. Savory and salty!

Or perhaps you'll enjoy Orange Sage & Fennel Turkey Rub, with bright citrus, aromatic herbs and a tinge of licorice from the fennel.

Enhance your stuffing with Wildly Delicious's Cranberry Herb Stuffing Seasoning Mix. Savory and fragrant.

Or try Apricot, Pecan and Rosemary stuffing seasoning mix. Sweet, nutty and aromatic.

Each gourmet spice mix box costs just $6.50. Stock up on these and our other gourmet food products for Thanksgiving at the Gilded Lily home store in historic downtown Wenatchee!