Friday, November 22, 2013

Delicious Gourmet Cheeseball Mixes from Wind & Willow

New from Wind & Willow - Savory and sweet cheeseball appetizer mixes. Handy and versatile, you can use them to make many tasty treats to serve at your dinner parties, as Thanksgiving appetizers or at your cocktail parties.

Besides a tasty cheeseball, you can use Greek Feta & Olive Cheeseball Mix to make Mediterranean stuffed portobellos; Greek feta pizza; hot Greek feta and olive dip; Greek feta country club chicken salad, and Greek feta chicken.

Use Rosie's Cantina Cheeseball & Appetizer Mix to create Cantina Chicken as well as savory cheeseball appetizers.

You can make Smokehouse potato skins with Smokehouse Bacon Cheeseball Mix, plus bacon & cheddar chicken or a bacon chicken homemade pizza.

Use Tomato Pesto Cheeseball Mix to make mini tomato pesto sandwiches, Tuscan cheese bread, tomato pesto alfredo, and savory cheeseballs.

We also carry two of Wind & Willow's Dessert cheeseball mixes. They're so tasty, they sell out quickly and we can barely keep them stocked!

You can use Pumpkin Pie Cheeseball Mix to enhance a Harvest Spice cake, make pumpkin cheesecake, bake pumpkin muffins, add flavor to sweet potato pie, and make pumpkin gooey bars.

Try Caramel Apple Cheeseball Mix as a bagel spread, to make caramel apple popcorn, caramel apple cheesecake, mini caramel apple dessert tarts, and a Harvest Dessert pizza!

Each of our Wind & Willow cheeseball mixes sells for just $4.99 per box.

Shop for these and our other gourmet food treats at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee!

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