Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Easy Gourmet Thanksgiving with the Gilded Lily

New from Wildly Delicious for Thanksgiving 2013!

Let's start with the most important thing - the turkey! Add a little Wenatchee to your turkey this year with the Wildly Delicious Apple & Thyme Turkey Rub. Savory and salty!

Or perhaps you'll enjoy Orange Sage & Fennel Turkey Rub, with bright citrus, aromatic herbs and a tinge of licorice from the fennel.

Enhance your stuffing with Wildly Delicious's Cranberry Herb Stuffing Seasoning Mix. Savory and fragrant.

Or try Apricot, Pecan and Rosemary stuffing seasoning mix. Sweet, nutty and aromatic.

Each gourmet spice mix box costs just $6.50. Stock up on these and our other gourmet food products for Thanksgiving at the Gilded Lily home store in historic downtown Wenatchee!

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