Sunday, July 22, 2012

Introducing Paper Eskimo Baking and Entertaining Products

Introducing paper party goods from Australia's "Paper Eskimo" company! We're excited to show them to you next time you visit the Gilded Lily.

We've chosen some fun coordinating colors for you to choose from for your next party.

Paper Plates in Pink, Powder Blue, Red, Black Tie and Apple Green, $5.95

Black Tie works great for stylish modern cocktail parties or even "Over the Hill" parties.

Apple Green is great for neutral baby showers, festive barbecues or spring and fall parties.

Red works well for birthdays, Fourth of July, Christmas and Valentine's Day parties.

And of course we stocked up on Powder Blue and Pink for baby showers!

Party Bags in Powder Blue, Pink, Apple Green, Red and Black Tie, $9.50 per set

Styling Tags for Gift Bags, in Red, Black Tie, Apple Green, Powder Blue and Pink, $4.50 per set

Baking Cups in Black Stripes, Black Spots and Blue Spots, $6.50 per package

Baking Cups in Blue Stripes, Pink Spots and Pink Stripes, $6.50 per package

Baking Cups in Red Stripes, Red Stars and Red Dots, $6.50 per package

Paper Napkins in Black Tie and Pink, $5.50 per pack

Cupcake Toppers in Black Tie, Powder Blue and Pink, $5.50

Shop at the Gilded Lily for these and our other paper goods for parties and entertaining!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Adorable New Plush Animal Toys from Jellycat

New from Jellycat!

Fenella Flamingo, 15", $27.50

Pootlie Cat, 14", $27.50

Noodle Squirrel, 11", $22

Noodle Hedgehog, 11", $22

Noodle Fox, 11", $22

Woodland Squirrel, 12", $20

Bashful Scottie, 12", $18.75

Bashful Schnauzer, 12", $18.75

Bashful Penguin, 12", $18.75

Bashful Gorilla, 12", $18.75

Shop for these and our other baby toys and baby shower gifts at the Gilded Lily on Wenatchee Avenue!

Fall Baby Sneak Preview

We wanted to give you a quick look at some of the adorable baby clothes we're carrying for Fall 2012.

Haute Baby's "Tea at Tiffany" Swing Set, $67.50

Haute Baby's "Tea at Tiffany" Tunic Set, $67.50

Haute Baby "Hear me Roar" Blanket, $42

Haute Baby "Hear me Roar" Cap, $16.95

Haute Baby "Hear me Roar" Jacket, $50.50

Haute Baby "Hear me Roar" Legging Set, $48.50

Haute Baby "Hear me Roar" Footie, $42

Le Top "Pet Dino" Shirt and Pants Set, $48.95

Le Top "Pet Dino" Coverall, $38.95

Le Top "A La Mod" Dress in Newborn, Baby and Toddler Sizes, 3 months to 4T, $37.95 - $42.95

Le Top "Up and Away" Coverall, $40.95

Le Top "Up and Away" Shirt and Pant Set, $50.95

Shop at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee for these and our other baby clothes!