Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Gifts: Jewelry from Penny Candy

Still looking for a fabulous Valentine's Day gifts for that special someone? Why not come see our Penny Candy jewelry line to see if anything sparks your interest.

Bead Panel Bracelet, $61

Stacked Jacks Bracelet, $61

Bling Bracelet, $44

Silver Bracelet with Heart-Shaped Beads, $47

Stacked Bracelet, $38

Keyhole Bracelet, $40

Heart and Key Necklace, $54

Open Work Necklace, $44

Crystal Cage Necklace, $38

Short Micro Bead Necklace, $58

Silver Bauble Necklace, $48

Links and Lock Necklace, $48

Clear Acrylic Earrings, $16

Pear-shape Open Work Earrings, $18

Hoops in Hoops Earrings, $24

Your Gilded Lily purchases can be gift packaged prettily and quickly, at no extra cost. Shop our store at 2 N. Wenatchee Avenue, downtown.

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