Tuesday, February 12, 2013

New Jellycat Stuffed Animals for Babies - Spring 2013

Introducing our newest plush toys for babies and kids from Jellycat! We're happy to gift package them for you as a complimentary service here at the Gilded Lily.

Boppity Boing Giraffe, $20

Boppity Boing Monkey, $20

Boppity Boing Chick, $17.50

Caffuffle Cat, $23

Caffuffle Dog, $23

Caffuffle Pony, $23

Furriosity Turtle, $26.50

Kenny Cockerel, $27.50

Pootlie Monkey, $27.50

Silly Sausage Dog, $20

Small Woodland Cream Owl, $12.25

Small Olive Owl, $17.50

Shop for these and our other baby gifts in downtown Wenatchee's Gilded Lily store!

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