Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Asian Eye's New Scarves and Shawls for Autumn 2013

Just arrived for fall - Asian Eye's Autumn 2013 wool scarves and shawls.

Blush Wool Shawl in Black/Fuchsia, $81.99

Equinox Scarf in Blue, $46.99

Equinox Scarf in Gray, $46.99

Equinox Scarf in Red, $46.99

Fantasia Wool Shawl, $81.99

Marco Handpainted Scarf, $46.99

Optique Wool Scarf, $46.99

Plume Scarf in Purple, $46.99

Plume Scarf in Red, $46.99

Rafa Scarf in Red/Black, $46.99

Sakura Scarf, $77.99

Squint Scarf in Green/Raspberry, $50.99

Zarafa Scarf, $39.99

Shop for these and our other colorful fashion scarves at the Gilded Lily on the corner of Palouse and Wenatchee Avenue!

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