Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Tabletop Textiles and Linens from Le Jacquard Francais

New in our gourmet food section: luxurious linens from Le Jacquard Francais.

The four newest tea towel designs for this year are Kumquat (in Orange), Datura (Fuchsia), Passiflora (in "Anise"), and Toucan (in Turquoise). $24 each.

We carry the "Medicis" tea towel in Chrome (shown on the left) and Fig (shown on the right). $24 each.

"Seville" comes in Cactus (shown on the left) and Grenadine (on the right). $24 each.

Rosemary (on the left) is a soft floral. We carry it in "Cherry." On the right, Scott is a bold plaid, also in "Cherry." $24 each.

For kitchens with darker hued palettes, we recommend Jardin Italien (on the left, in Mica) for $24 and the Pointille tea towel in Zest (right), $18.

We adore the new "Souvenirs" line. "Souvenir de New York," "Souvenir de Paris" and "Souvenir de Moscow" sell for

The serving spoon-themed "Argenterie" comes in Agate, Emeraude, and Ruby. $24 each.

All our Le Jacquard Francais tea towels measure 24" x 31". Thankfully, they're both machine washable and machine dryable.

Shop at the Gilded Lily for these and our other kitchen and dining textiles, linens and tea towels!

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