Friday, January 4, 2013

It's National Spaghetti Day!

Celebrate National Spaghetti Day by serving up steaming bowls of homemade gourmet spaghetti at your dinner table tonight.

Italian Harvest Hand Made Spaghetti, $6.50

Gluten-Free Corn Spaghetti, $5.75

Black Spaghetti with Squid Ink, $12.95

Rossi Pasta Sauces, $8

Top your spaghetti with one of our flavorful gourmet sauces from Rossi Pasta. We carry Sun-Dried Tomato, Italian Style Red Pepper Sauce, Mushroom Sauce, and Artichoke Sauce.

The Glorious Pasta of Italy, $30

Stop by the Gilded Lily to pick up one of our gourmet spaghettis and pasta sauces. We also offer a wide selection of cookbooks to help you add to your cooking expertise. We're located in downtown Wenatchee and we're open from 10am to 5:30 pm today!

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