Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Kitchen Papers for Easy Entertaining

If you entertain often, we'd love to introduce you to our handy decorative Kitchen papers. They're printed on food safe pads that you can carefully tear placemats and table runners out of to use at your next dinner party. Artistic and decorative, with easy cleanup!

The Fork, Knife, Spoon paper runner comes in a roll measuring 50 feet by 20 inches. Cut as much as you need to fit your dining table. $25.95.

The Backyard Party placemat pad features colorful songbirds. This pad of 50 tear-out papers measures 10" X 18.5." It's food safe and made from 30% recycled material. $26.95.

The "Blooms" placemat pad comes in two alternating designs.

The "Blooms" placemat pad holds 50 sheets that each measure 12.5 X 19". Sold for $20.95.

The Fork, Knife, Spoon placemats also measure 12.5" X 19". Available for $20.95.

The Large Fork serving paper is kraft paper coated with a food safe gloss. Each paper measures 30" X 7", and the pad holds 25 sheets. $27.95.

New styles arriving soon, too!

Shop at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee for these and our other party and entertaining supplies.

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