Sunday, January 6, 2013

Bella Cucina's Gourmet Foods for Entertaining

Stop by our gourmet food section next time you're getting ready to host a dinner party or cocktail party. Our tasty gourmet foods from Bella Cucina will be sure to delight your guests.

Use Organic Plums in Syrup in cakes or tarts, pureed into cocktails, sliced into salads, or served with gourmet cheeses. $12.95 per jar.

Apricots in Syrup can be used to top homemade gelato or ice cream; are festive when floated in sparkling wine; sliced in salads; or paired with Brie cheese. $12.95 per jar of organic apricots.

Sweet Vidalia Onion Pesto can be used as a condiment as well as a pesto pasta sauce. $11 per jar.

Use Caramelized Onion & Golden Raisin as a condiment, a spread or an accompaniment to a cheese tasting. $11 per jar.

Roasted Sweet Balsamic Peppers can be used in sandwiches, as bruschetta toppings, and to make fabulous party appetizers. $12.95 per jar.

Golden Pepper Pesto is also great for bruschetta as well as for enhancing pasta. $11 per jar.

Use our Organic Savory Tomato Jam to enhance meatloaf, burgers, sliders, or as a dip for our Stonewall Kitchen Potato Sticks. $12.95 per jar.

Make an easy, quick dessert using Crostata Sweet Butter Pastry Tarts. Fill them with our gourmet dessert toppings, such as Stonewall Kitchen's Wild Maine Blueberry Jam; Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam; Lemon Curd; Tangerine Marmalade; Chocolate Peppermint sauce; Coffee Caramel Sauce; Dulce du Leche sauce or other tasty fillings. Top each with a berry or a decorative tiny sprig of mint. $15.95 per box.

Here's a peek at how your filled pastry tarts might look, ready for guests to nibble and enjoy.

Bella Cucina's "Pizza Kit" makes a great birthday, housewarming, or hostess gift. The kit includes Bella Cucina's tasty sauce and pizza dough starter. $27.

Jazz up your pasta dinners with Bella Cucina's Sun Dried Tomato & Capers Sugo pasta sauce. $18.95 for a jar.

Pick up these and our other gourmet foods from Bella Cucina at the Gilded Lily shop in downtown Wenatchee.

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