Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween at the Gilded Lily

Visit the Gilded Lily to see these and our other Halloweeen home decor pieces from K&K Interiors!

11" Mercury Pumpkin, $52.75

Short Mercury Pumpkin, $31.75

7" Orange Beaded Pumpkin, $12.50

Tin Jack O'Lantern with Bat Mask, $73.95

Hanging Tin "Boo" Sign, $18.95

Standing Jack O'Lantern, $52.95

Standing Tin Jack O'Lantern with Pants, $52.95

Pumpkin Face with Bow Tie on Stake, $31.95

Cat Witch Riding Broom, $33.95

Tin Ghost Man, $44.95

The Gilded Lily is located in downtown Wenatchee on the corner of Palouse and Wenatchee Avenue.

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