Monday, May 10, 2010

New Shipment of Lilliputiens European Baby Toys

Over the weekend our elves were busy stocking the Gilded Lily's baby corner with our new shipment of Lilliputiens baby toys! They're luxury plush infant toys from Belgium.

We've been eager to finally get the plush Noah's Ark in stock. We only have two of them! The plush Noah's Ark contains six pairs of animals (giraffes, lions, elephants, monkeys, alligators and chickens) plus Mr. and Mrs. Noah. The top has a carrying handle.

The "Leo" pyramid stacker is a colorful, cheerful peacock. He has four rings, a crinkly tail, a mirror, a rattle, and a wing that squeaks.

We're so excited to get the Doctor's Kit in stock finally! The red doctor's bag has a white cross on the front. Inside, it contains a teddy bear patient, plush pill bottle, plush needle, stethoscope, bandage, and play blood pressure cuff.

The "Ophelie Money Box" is a coin bank that makes noise when you insert a coin. (Batteries required). Ophelie is the Lilliputiens' chicken mascot.

The Safari Bowling Pins set contains a plush bowling ball, then six pins shaped like a giraffe, a monkey, a lion, a hippo, an orange-and-white zebra, and a peacock.

The "Basile Actimonkey" features a mirror, foot rattles, and a variety of fabrics for baby to experience.

"The Farm House and the Animals" is a plush farm that stores the farmer, cow, pig, a hen, a chick, a horse, and a bunny. It has a carrying handle. It's a great "quiet toy" for church or car rides.

This rattle is a cheerful ladybug with pink polkadots. Just the right size for baby to grasp. It squeaks!

The Lilliputiens Safari House is another great quiet toy for church. It has a carrying handle, and holds a plush driver and his jeep, monkey, alligator, lion, hippo and zebra.

Want to buy these adorable plush baby toys, but you don't live near our shop? You can order them with your credit card over the phone by calling the Gilded Lily at 1-877-550-5459. We can ship them to you via USPS Priority Mail for just the postage fee.

Visit the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee to see these adorable toys in person!

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