Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Stunning New Jewelry from Konplott

New from Miranda Konstantinidou: Konplott jewelry for Spring 2014!

Waterfalls Multi Necklace, $76.95

Waterfalls Multi Necklace, $113.95

Waterfalls Multi Pendant, $94.95

Waterfalls Multi Bracelet, $138.95

Waterfalls Multi Earrings, $56.95

Waterfalls Earrings in Green, $56.95

Waterfalls Earrings in Blue, $56.95

Waterfalls Earrings in White, $56.95

Waterfalls Dangling Earrings in White, $113.95

Try on these and our other gorgeous jewelry pieces from Konplott at the Gilded Lily gift and jewelry store in downtown Wenatchee!

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