Saturday, August 10, 2013

Adorable New Plush Toys and Baby Books from Jellycat

Our newest Jellycat plush toys for babies include soothers, stuffed animals, a whale that makes a pleasant chiming noise, and soft board books for small babies.

Walter Whale Chime - great for infants! $22

Boppity Boing Zebra, $20

Caffuffle Palomino Pony, $23

Bashful Tabby Kitten, Medium, $20

Bashful Westie, $20

Angora Bunny, $20

Blizzard Polar Bear, $20

Bashful Lamb Soother, $18.75

Bashful Monkey Soother, $18.75

Cordy Roy Bunny, Small, $14

And also new to the Gilded Lily:

If I Were a Fox, $12.25

Bunny and Bee Book, $8.50

To purchase these and other baby shower gifts, visit our shop in downtown Wenatchee, or phone 877-550-5459 to order over the telephone.

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