Sunday, June 30, 2013

Introducing Rain Jewelry

Introducing the Rain Jewelry Collection, all the way from Waltham, Massachusetts! We think you'll love the bright summery colors.

Green Acrylic Squares Necklace, $25.95

Purple Acrylic Squares Necklace, $25.95

Orange Teardrop Earring, $10.95

Purple Teardrop Earring, $10.95

Yellow Teardrop Earring, $10.95

gilded lily wenatchee

Blue Teardrop Earring, $10.95

And here's something we haven't carried before now: Scarf jewelry! Use it to accentuate your scarf, as well as hold your scarf in place where you want it.

Edged Scarf Tube, $16.95

Thick Tube Scarf Band, $12.95

Crystal Scarf Circle, $8.95 for Small, $10.95 for Large

Shop at the Gilded Lily to try on these and our other pieces of fashion jewelry!

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