Friday, June 28, 2013

Foodie Friday at the Gilded Lily

We'd love to start a new tradition - Every Friday, we'll be sharing five intriguing recipes we've run across in the past week. Most of us here at the Gilded Lily are avid and passionate cooks - we just can't wait to get into our kitchens this weekend!

Here are a few lovely recipes we've admired this week:

Aren't these Peach Pie Pops tempting? via Bakers Royale.

Bake at 350's watermelon cookies are so adorable!

Do the words "no bake" make you jump for joy on a hot summer day when you'd rather not sweat over food in your kitchen? Here's Bakingdom's recipe for No-bake Strawberry Nutella pie.

This ricotta with thyme on grilled bread recipe would be super easy to whip up and serve at an impromptu patio party. Recipe by Alexandra Cooks.

These Butterscotch Cupcakes Supreme look supremely decadent! Recipe from Sweetapolita

Enjoy your weekend, and hope to see you at the Gilded Lily soon!

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