Friday, June 28, 2013

Introducing Aquiesse Home Fragrances

Introducing Aquiesse, our new line of home fragrance products from California. We carry two product lines at the moment: clean-burning soy candles made with coconut oils, lead-free wicks and natural oils; and reed diffusers made with essential oils and sustainable wood.

We love the elegant packaging - excellent for luxurious hostess gifts, birthday gifts or wedding gifts.

"Embers" is fragranced with Indian Saffron, Cardamon, English Leather, Tobacco, Olibanum & Musk.

"French Oak Currant" is scented with Deep Red Currant, Cassis, Citrus, & French Oak.

"Golden Amber" contains natural oils from Lavender, Bergamot, Orange Blossom, Muguet, Amber & Cedar.

"Luxe Linen" evokes Warm Linen, Herbal Tea & Smooth Sandalwood.

Staff favorite "Passion Fruit & Citrus" is scented with Fresh Lemon, Succulent Caribbean Fruits & Tangerine Cocktails.

"Shoreline" is evocative of Ocean Air, Coastal Flowers & Precious Woods.

Reed diffusers come boxed in gift sets including the fragrance oil, reeds, and beautiful brown amber glass bottle. $46.50 each.

"Embers" Small Soy Candle

"French Oak Currant" Small Soy Candle

"Golden Amber" Small Soy Candle

"Luxe Linen" Small Soy Candle

"Passionfruit & Citrus" Small Soy Candle

"Shoreline" Small Soy Candle

These Small Soy candles come in brown amber votives, and are packaged in lovely boxes for gift presentation. $23 each.

Visit the Gilded Lily to experience these and our other home fragrance candles and diffusers!

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