Thursday, March 21, 2013

Stunning New Earrings from Zenzii for Spring 2013

Newly arrived at the Gilded Lily: Earrings from Zenzii, who were recently spotlighted on The Today Show!

Red Disk Earrings, $9.95

Hoop Earring in Tortoise, $10.95

Big Square Earrings in Leopard Gray, $10.95

Big Square Earrings in Lime, $10.95

Art Deco Earring in Lime, $10.95

Art Deco Earring in Orange, $10.95

Art Deco Earring in Red, $10.95

Pendant Deco Earring in Black, $19.95

Pendant Deco Earring in Green, $19.95

Pendant Deco Earring in White, $19.95

Scroll Disk Earring in Black, $19.95

Scroll Disk Earring in White, $19.95

Gold with Black Enamel Earring, $19.95

We also carry these new dome-shaped resin rings from Zenzii:

Gold Resin Stretch Ring, $10.95

Red Resin Stretch Ring, $10.95

Try these on at our shop in downtown Wenatchee on 2 North Wenatchee Avenue!

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