Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Kitchen Papers for Dining and Entertaining

Have you seen our newest Kitchen Papers for elegant dining and entertaining?

"Sous Chefs at the Vegan Cafe" is a bit shorter than Kitchen Papers' regular placemats. They also work great as a serving paper. The pad of 50 food-safe sheets sells for $26.95.

Artichoke Dinner Napkin, $11.95.

The Cake Stand Cocktail Napkin is ideal for birthday parties or even wedding showers. $10.95.

We also carry the Cake Stand in Dinner napkins, $11.95.

This Cook's Journal makes an elegant birthday gift, bridal gift or hostess gift. Inside, there is room for one's own table of contents for arranging their recipes, plus space for 40 hand-written recipes. $27.95.

Cutlery Cheese serving paper is coated to protect your tablecloth. Great for serving cheese and fruit. It measures table runner size, 18" X 7." $16.95 for a pack of 25 papers.

Flourish Paper is a 30" by 50" table roll. Cut it to fit your table, then serve your dinner, appetizers and desserts on it. $31.95.

Use this 6" Rosette paper doily to serve elegant desserts on a tray. A food-safe pad of 25 is $11.95.

We also carry the Rosette serving paper in an 8 inch size, $13.95.

These items and our other products from Kitchen Paper are available at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee.

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