Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Introducing Wine Country Kitchens Gourmet Foods

Our new line of gourmet foods is from Napa Valley, California's Wine Country Kitchens specialty food company. We're now carrying their pasta sauces, slow cooker sauces, and cooking oils.

Cabernet Portobello Mushroom Sauce, $8.50

Puttanesca with Kalamata Olives & Capers, $8.50

Marinara Classic Pasta Sauce, $8.50

Marsala Mushroom Slow Cooker Sauce, $12.75

Hawaiian Short Ribs Slow Cooker Sauce, $12.75

Country Pot Roast Slow Cooker Sauce, $12.75

Coconut Curry Slow Cooker Sauce, $12.75

Apple Bourbon Slow Cooker Sauce, $12.75

California Lemon Olive Oil, $11.25

White Truffle Oil, $11.25

Kettle Roasted Garlic Oil, $11.25

Shop for these and our other gourmet foods at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee!

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