Monday, March 19, 2012

Introducing Two Cuties for Babies and Toddlers

Introducing our new line of hair accessories for baby girls, Too Cuties!

Sunshine Flower Clip in Yellow and White, $7.95

Sunshine Flower Clip in Red and White, $7.95

Sunshine Flower Clip in Pink and Purple, $7.95

Sunshine Flower Clip in Orange and White, $7.95

Sunshine Flower Clip in Fuchsia and Pink, $7.95

Sunshine Circle Clip in Red, Rose and Brown, $7.95

Sunshine Circle Clip in Celery, Green and Olive, $7.95

Raindrop Clip - Rabbit on Green, $7.50

Raindrop Clip - Apple on Green, $7.50

Raindrop Clip - Dog on Yellow, $7.50

Raindrop Clip - Dog on Red, $7.50

Raindrop Clip - Cupcake on Green, $7.50

Raindrop Clip - Cat on Red, $7.50

Felt Flower Headband in Purple, $7.95

Felt Flower Headband in Pink, $7.95

Felt Flower Headband in Burgundy and Pink, $7.95

Visit the Gilded Lily to shop for these and our other darling accessories for baby girls!

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