Sunday, January 9, 2011

Wonderful Winter Home Fragrances at the Gilded Lily

Warm your home this winter with wonderful seasonal fragrances. We sell home fragrance oil diffusers, scented candles, room sprays, and other scented products.

From Seda France, the Japanese Quince diffuser is made from white jasmine, rhubarb, passion fruit and white peach. The diffuser is $64, and a refill set is just $21.

Also from Seda France, the Foret Royale line is scented with eucalyptus, green leaves, oak, redwood and moss. We love to burn them during the holidays as well as all winter long. Pagoda gift box candle, $31; Diffuser, $64; Votive, $14.50.

We carry Voluspa's "Japanese Plum Bloom" in the 10 ounce candle shown above ($30), the 5 ounce candle ($15.75), and in the diffuser ($50).

Voluspa's "Winesap Apple" isn't just for fall. It gives off a cozy fragrance, warming your home with the scent of comfort. We carry "Winesap Apple" in a 5 ounce candle with metallic gift box ($15.75), the room spray ($25.50), the diffuser ($50), and the ten ounce candle ($30).

Agraria Home's "Golden Pomegranate" crystal cane candle is a nice wintry gift. It has an approximate burning time of 25 hours if the wick is kept properly trimmed. It comes in a gift box and includes a decorative silver plated lid with the Agraria crest. $36.75. We also carry the Crystal Cane candle in Bitter Orange, Lemon Verbena, Riviera Pear, and Wild Mint.

The "Gift Suites" from Agraria Home include a TasselAire home fragrance decorative tassel, a PetiteEssence candle with mirrored tray, and a luxury 8.2-oz bath bar. We carry the Bitter Orange and Lemon Verbena gift suites. $99.75.

The "Riviera Pear" fragrance tassel is designed to hang from a doorknob, closet hook or an armoire key. It's scented with pear, Egyptian tea and amber. $42. We also carry TasselAire in Bitter Orange and Lemon Verbena.

Lux Candles presents "Faith," a soft, clean fragrance. Perfect for crisp white winter evenings. 32 ounce (shown above), $81.95; decorative candle with lid, $42.

Who doesn't love the smell of warm, tempting creme brulee? Our Lux Fragrances 9 ounce candle is $33.75.

The Lux Fragrances "Frankincense & Myrrh" gift candle features a decorative cross. $42.

Visit the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee to try these and our other home fragrances, candles and diffusers.

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