Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baby Shower Gifts in Wenatchee

Have a baby shower coming up? Choose from one of our many colorful, soft, luxurious gifts for babies. We also sell books, clothes and toys for toddlers, too!

Basile Actimonkey, from Lilliputiens, $49

Ophelie's Dancing Egg, by Lilliputiens, $13.90

Lilliputiens' "Musical Humps Ball," $24.75

"Safari House" Play Set by Lilliputiens, $83.30

We carry a selection of several different styles of blankets from Little Giraffe. $34 to $86.

Junglie Tot Lion, by Jellycat, $9.50

Bunglie Kitty Medium, by Jellycat, $23.50

Jellycat's "Cat & Butterfly" Book, $8.50

Jellycat "Merryday Zebra," $21

Bao Bao's Buddy Blanket, in Pink or Blue, $22

Tadbit's Buddy Blanket, plush velour frog and blankie, $22

Bud's Silly Buddy, a plush blue bunny, just $9.45

Skipit's Silly Buddy, a tan stuffed puppy, $9.45

Shop at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee for these and our other baby toys, baby clothes and baby shower gifts!

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