Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Lilliputiens Baby Toys at Gilded Lily

New today at the Gilded Lily: A new shipment of our beloved Belgian plush baby toys. We're excited to show you the creativity and quality workmanship that goes into these luxury baby gifts. Come on into our baby corner and let us demonstrate the new bowling set, fishing game, and cuddle books!

Nicky & Her Ducklings Bath Toy, $41.75

At bathtime, treat baby to imaginary play with the cheerful yellow Nicky duck and her three ducklings. The ducklings are blue, red, and cranberry colored. They float in the bath, or can "ride" on their mom's floating back.

Lilliputiens Fishing Game, $41.75

Another fun bath toy! The fishing rod and toys are magnetized, so you can "catch" the sea creatures in the bath tub. The set comes with a hippo, starfish, duck, crab, and jellyfish. In summertime, your infant can play with these outside in a wading pool, too!

Bowling Pins ("The Farm") Set, $50

We've sold the "Safari" bowling pin set before, so now we thought we'd enjoy the Farm Bowling Pins set too. It comes with Ophelie the hen, a pink pig, a duck, a green dragon, a cow and a kitty. Plus a plush ball to try to bowl them over with! Great for toddlers.

Basile Monkey Rattle, $14.75

The Basile Rattle is a squeaker toy, and this is the first time we've carried this monkey rattle.

Walter the Dragon Rattle, $14.75

Also new at our shop: Walter the Dragon. He's got soft spines, tiny white wings, and a red smiling tongue sticking out.

Basile Cuddle Book, $36.75

This monkey cuddle book reminds babies what to do before drifting off to sleep: drink milk, brush teeth, go potty, etc. The pages open on his tummy, and the book closes so he can be played with as a cuddly toy, too. We also sell the chicken-themed "Ophelie Cuddle Book," also $36.75.

Visit the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee to see these and our other lovely baby shower gifts.

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