Saturday, September 4, 2010

Gourmet Foods for Labor Day Weekend

Do you have company coming over for the long Labor Day weekend? We can help you stock up on fabulous gourmet foods for entertaining and treating your guests royally.


For fun, try our Tea Forte Cocktail Infusions to make fabulous martinis. Flavors include Lemongrass Mint (use to make a fabulous Mojito); Silkroad Chai (create a Peach Chai Crush with included recipe booklet); and a sampler set of multiple flavors.

For daytime, we recommend serving Tea Forte's "Tea Over Ice." We carry five different flavors of infusers: Ceylon Gold, Pomegranate Blackberry, Raspberry Nectar, Lavendar Citrus, and White Ginger Pear. Each infuser brews a 24 oz. pitcher of iced tea. A box of five infusers sells for $10.50.

Tea Forte's "Sanctuary" ribbon box contains one infuser each of the following blends: White Ambrosia, Chamomile Citron, White Ginger Pear, Jasmine Green, Sencha and Silk Oolong. Perfect for relaxing with your guests on the patio after dinner. Our Medium Sanctuary Tin is $10.50.

For your coffee-drinking guests, stock up on Raven's Brew coffee. Each 12 oz. bag of beans sells for $15.00. We carry Deadman's Reach, Ebony Pearls French Roast, Skookum decaf, Espresso Chocolón, Wicked Wolf, Resurrection Blend, Dharma Organic Lintong, Bruin Blend, Organic Peruvian Gold, Sumatra Organic, Breakfast Blend, and Three-Peckered Billy Goat.


Try our 10" seasoned dinner grilling skewers. They're made from untreated Maine wood and steeped in all-natural oils. All you have to do is skewer your food, and it gets infused with flavor while you grill. We carry six flavors (Thai Coconut Lime, Garlic Herb, Citrus Rosemary, Hickory BBQ, Honey Bourbon, and Ginger Mango). Each package of skewers costs $5.25.

You might also like to try some of our Paula Deen BBQ products, including Southern Spice Rub, BBQ sauce, Butt Massage, Smokey Apple Cinnamon Sauce, and Moppin Sauce.


From Italian Harvest, we carry a variety of colorful or black-and-white pastas. They make fabulous cold pasta salads, or pair them with our sauces for a hot evening meal.

Plaid Lasagna, $22

Some of the pastas we carry include black-and-white striped bow tie pasta; large Spinning Tops pasta; Plaid Lasagna; Mexican Hats Pasta; multicolor "leftovers" pasta; Rainbow Small Bowties; Rainbow Dutch Hats pasta; Lanterns pasta; and Mother-in-Law Tongues.

Our pasta sauces are from Italian Harvest as well as Rossi Pasta. We sell a variety of flavors, including Red Pepper Sauce, Artichoke Olive Sauce, Mushroom Sauce; Artichoke Sauce; and Sun Dried Tomato Sauce. Most jars sell for under $10.

Serving bread with your pasta? Try the delicious combination of our balsamic vinegars with Olivelle bread dippers. $8.95 per tin.


Delight your guests with a batch of easy-to-make Barefoot Contessa desserts. We sell her Coconut Cupcake mix; Decadent Molten Chocolate Cake mix; and her Red Velvet cupcake mix.

Also from Stonewall Kitchen: Triple Fudge Brownie Mix.

Other dessert options we carry include Sweet Shop USA chocolates, Bruttles, Spokandy's after dinner mints, gourmet marshmallows, and several flavors of Decadence cookies.

Visit the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee to stock up for your Labor Day Weekend houseguests!

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