Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sondra Roberts Travel Cosmetics Bags

We're excited to show you our new Sondra Roberts solutions for carrying your cosmetics on trips. We're carrying two new kinds of cosmetics bags - one that you carry like a purse, the other a smaller roll-up bag.

This is the bright orange roll-up cosmetics case. Just $23!

The interior of the orange roll-up cosmetics case. You can see the multiple zipper pockets (stuffed with tissue in this picture).

We also carry the roll-up cosmetics case in turquoise.

Here's what the inside of the turquoise cosmetics case looks like.

Also new this week: Patent leather zip-around cosmetics cases, with carrying handles. $51. Shown above in Orange.

We also carry the zip-around cosmetics cases in a summery yellow.

See these cosmetics cases and our other Sondra Roberts bags at the Gilded Lily gift shop in Wenatchee!

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