Thursday, April 15, 2010

New Elegant Baby Gifts at Gilded Lily

New this afternoon at the Gilded Lily gift shop:

Light-Up Duck Family, $15.75.

Airplane Bath Squirties, $15.75.

City Bath Squirties, $15.75.

"Dots So Bright" socks, $15.75.

Egg Hunt Mary's socks, $15.75.

Varsity socks, $15.75.

"Ahoy, Matey" socks, $15.75.

Grandma's Brag Book in Blue, $26.25.

Grandma's Brag Book in Pink, $26.25.

Chocolate infant sweater, $29.50.

See these and our other baby gifts from Elegant Baby, in person at our shop in Wenatchee!

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