Friday, November 13, 2009

Riedel Wineglasses at the Gilded Lily

Riedel Wine Glasses

Vinum: Bordeaux

We're excited to present our new Riedel Austrian wine glasses and decanters. They're high quality, created with serious wine enthusiasts in mind.

Vinum: Burgundy

We carry both the stemless "O" line and the stemmed "Vinum" line.

Vinum: Montrachet

This "Montrachet" glass is made specifically for serving chardonnay.

Vinum: Sauvignon Blanc

Made specifically to enhance the flavor of Sauvignon Blanc, this glass can also be used for other white wines in a pinch.

O - Cabernet Merlot

Prefer stemless? This is the O series glass made for serving cabernets or merlots at their best.

We also carry the Riesling/Sauvignon Blanc in stemless.

"Black Tie Amadeo" Decanter

We also carry a few styles of Riedel's decanters. These are an investment that helps you preserve and showcase the quality wine you serve your guests.

Riedel's "Cornetto" Decanter

The Cornetto decanter is made to imitate the graceful neck of a swan.

Decant red wines at least two hours before they are served, to properly bring out the character and flavor of the wine.

Riedel "Duck" Decanter

The Duck decanter is made of 24% lead crystal.

See these and our other wine supplies for elegant entertaining at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee!

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