Thursday, November 5, 2009

New Plush Baby Toys at the Gilded Lily

The "Cordy Roy Cat" is a perfect Christmas present for a toddler girl.

We also carry the "Cordy Roy Dog" in blue.

New for babies and kids at the Gilded Lily: Jellycat's "Merryday Zebra."

Also new this week: The "Merryday Dalmation," a soft plush toy dog.

For something a little more unconventional, we couldn't resist this huggable "Cordy Roy Pig."

The adorable Truffle Terrier is almost too realistic! It's in a large size and is a Jellycat special edition.

For tiny infants, we just got in "Farm Dales Tiny Donkey." Soft and easy to hold on to.

Also for newborns, the soft pink "Sleepy Lamb."

See these and our other baby gifts at the Baby Corner of the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee!

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