Friday, November 6, 2009

Gourmet Dessert Mixes for Holiday Parties

Barefoot Contessa Red Velvet Cupcake Mix & Cream Cheese Frosting Mix

Throwing a party or two this holiday season? Let us help you prepare your fabulous fest!

We carry Barefoot Contessa's cupcake mixes. Easy to prepare, elegant to serve, and just the right portion size for your guests to enjoy after your meal.

The Red Velvet cupcakes look stunning arranged on a plate or tray. We garnish them with fresh mint leaves, or with red non-pareils. Did you get to try some at our Christmas Holiday Open House party?

Barefoot Contessa Coconut Cupcake Mix & Cream Cheese Frosting Mix

These "snowy" looking cupcakes are wonderful on Christmas Eve or for New Year's Eve parties.

Barefoot Contessa Decadent Molten Chocolate Cake Mix

We were worried the Decadent Molten Chocolate Cakes would be difficult to prepare - so we tested them several times. (Ahem!) Easy and delicious!

For more gourmet foods for fabulous holiday parties, visit the Gilded Lily on the corner of Palouse and Wenatchee Avenue!

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