Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Fall Sneak Peek - Scarves from Asian Eye

Coming soon to the Gilded Lily for autumn 2014: Asian Eye's new wool and silk scarves, wraps and shawls!

Abacus Wool Scarf in Blue, $46.50

Abacus Wool Scarf in Red, $46.50

Ari Embroidered Wool Scarf in Raisin/Teal, $50.50

Biarritz Wool Scarf in Mustard, $56

Biarritz Wool Scarf in Red/Black/White, $56

Bountiful Wool Scarf in Blue/Green, $46

Bountiful Wool Scarf in Red/Black, $46

Bravo Black and White Silk Scarf with Kantha Stitching, $60.50

Fantasia Wool Shawl, $81.50

Nest Handpainted Wool Scarf, $46.50

Peppy Wool Scarf in Black/White, $46.50

Pixel Wool Scarf in Blue, $46.50

Pixel Wool Scarf in Green, $46.50

Vaya Handpainted Wool Scarf, $46.50

Volta Wool Wrap, Red, $88.50

Shop for these and our other scarves and fashion accessories at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee!

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