Thursday, June 14, 2012

Introducing Lafco New York Candles

We're delighted to present our new candles from Lafco, New York. You might remember the fabulous Claus Porto bar soaps we used to sell from this same company.

First, we'd love to show you the "Little Luxuries" line of candle tins. Each tin comes with a lid and a box of matches. They're a soy blend wax, and burn around 30 hours.

The Rosemary Eucalyptus candle also includes a hint of sweet mint. $17.95.

The Fig candle is made from a soy blend wax and should burn for 30 hours if kept properly trimmed. $17.95.

Cucumber Thyme is a cool, crisp green scent. $17.95.

Dark chocolate and fragrant dahlia flowers scent this soy blend wax candle. $17.95.

Sweet chamomile and lavender candle tin, $17.95.

Our next line from Lafco New York is "House and Home." The fragrances are meant to evoke various types of homes and complement different rooms in your house.

"Boudoir" is richly scented with myrrh and cassis. $53.

The Pool House candle is fragranced with a hint of fresh air, lilacs, rambling roses and sweet pea. $53.

"Penthouse" features champagne, ginger, raspberries and pink grapefruit. $53.

The scent for "Family Room" is McIntosh apple mixed with Cortland apple and a touch of green walnuts. $53.

Our staff favorite, "Living Room," is fragranced with fresh cut gardenia and a hint of sweet olive. $53.

The Master Bedroom candle is scented with chamomile and lavender. $53.

Come down to the Gilded Lily to experience these Lafco candles as well as our other luxury candles and home fragrances!

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