Friday, April 27, 2012

New Gourmet Barbecue Sauces from DennyMike's

We're getting ready for the summer BBQ season. Introducing our new gourmet food line, DennyMike's. Located in Maine, DennyMike brings the taste of Texas Barbecue to New England and now to your home in Wenatchee!

Hot'N'Nasty features habanero peppers. Use it sparingly!

Mesquit-O Madness sauce has a smoky flavor. Great for all meats, but also try it in your homemade barbecue beans.

Sweet-N-Spicy Sauce is DennyMike's signature sauce. Recommended for ribs, fish, chicken, beef, and BBQ shrimp.

Sublime Swine is a rub for pork. Great for slow cooker meals.

Use Pixie Dust as a rub for any type of meat. You can also use it to spice up chili, beans, and homemade stews.

Fintastic is a rub for fish and seafood, obviously. Try it on shrimp!

Cook with Cow Bell Hell when you need to flavor wild game, beef, or sausage. Also recommended for burgers and meatloaf.

Chick Magnet is a rub for poultry, but also enhances the flavor of beef, pork and even veggies.

Each DennyMike's product is just $7.95.

Shop for these and our other gourmet spices, rubs and flavorings at the Gilded Lily store in downtown Wenatchee.

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