Friday, June 24, 2011

Charming New Baby Toys from Belgium

Just arrived from Lilliputiens, new plush luxury baby toys for 2011.

We are so enchanted by the adorable Topsy Turvy Little Red Riding Hood doll ($49.50).

The doll transforms into Little Red Riding Hood, the Big Bad Wolf, and Grandmother.

Turn the doll upside down to reveal Grandmother. Pull Grandmother's bonnet back to play with the Big Bad Wolf.

It's a playful way to tell your baby a story and help Baby interact with a cheerful, colorful doll.

"Victor out for a Ride" accompanies your baby in their car seat, stroller or pram. He's a smiling fox, accompanied by a cheery hedgehog friend. $36.

"Lizophone" is from the Fairy Tales collection. Liz is a little elf who turns into a phone. The phone makes magical sounds, but we love that they aren't too noisy. $23.50.

"The Ladybird Hand Rattle" features a red, green and pink polkadot ladybug. She holds a soft plush ball that Baby can take out of the rattle and put back inside. $34.50.

The Jef Actidog ($36) can be strapped to a car seat, playpen, crib or shopping cart to keep Baby occupied and happy.

The Basile Car is a plush pull-along toy. Basile the monkey drives the car. There's even room to store a piece of his soft luggage in the trunk. $42.

Pull the string on "Anouk Dancing" and this happy penguin does a little dance. $17.95.

The Liz Reversible Rattle is another topsy turvy doll.

Switch between Liz the little elf and the Ladybird.

The Liz Reversible Rattle sells for $34.50.

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