Saturday, August 28, 2010

Baby Gifts Under $20 at the Gilded Lily

Looking for a small gift or surprise for a baby or young toddler? Need to embellish the top of your baby shower gift with a small stuffed animal? At the Gilded Lily we carry a wide selection of under-$20 plush baby gifts and toys for babies.

Jellycat Small Truffle Sheep, $10.50

Jellycat's "Bunglie Tot Mutt," $9.50

"Tot Bee," by Jellycat, $9

Bunny Rattle, by Bunnies by the Bay, $7

Bunnies by the Bay "Nibblit Bunny," $17

Bunnies by the Bay: "Ittybit," $10.50

"Leo Peacock Dancing," $17.95, by Lilliputiens

"Josephine Dancing," by Lilliputiens, $17.95

Lilliputiens' "Ladybird Rattle," $15.45

Lilliputiens' "Ophelie Dancing Egg," $13.90

Elegant Baby "Light Up Duck Family," $15.75

Elegant Baby "Squirties," $15.75

Shop at the Gilded Lily in downtown Wenatchee to see our other baby shower gifts and fun toys for infants!

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