Saturday, February 27, 2010

New Knit Baby Clothes at the Gilded Lily

Our newest outfit for baby girls: a one piece knit with pink pants, and white blouse with flower embroidery. $33.50.

Detail of the embroidery...

Pink-and-white stripes, with sailboat detail. $33.50

All pink, with buttons and a white collar. $36.75.

For boys, a sailboat knit outfit with blue-and-white stripes. $33.50.

Detail of the baby boy sailboat knit outfit...

For girls, a fresh Spring knit in green. $35.75.

Detail of the rose embroidery from the green outfit...

The green outfit's pocket has a white bow on it.

A smart, simple knit in blue for baby boys. $36.75.

For baby boys, one-piece with light blue top, darker blue pants, and some scalloping. The collar is trimmed with white. $39.95

Detail of the scalloped outfit...

Navy blue with green and white stripes. $35.75

Detail from the navy-and-green striped outfit.

See these and our other baby shower gifts at the Gilded Lily gift shop in downtown Wenatchee!

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