Thursday, November 5, 2015

Darling Baby Dishes from Baby Cie

We wanted to show you our line of adorable melamine dishes for babies and toddlers. They're from Baby Cie in Los Angeles.

The dishes are BPA free, made from melamine, and are dishwasher safe. (They can't be microwaved, however). We love the cheerful illustrations and bright colors!

Let's take a look at the various sets we carry here at the Gilded Lily:

"Be the Leader" features charming dinosaurs.

"Be the Leader" Suction bowl

"Be the Leader" Sippy Cup

"Be the Leader" Divided Plate

"Love of Family" features a family of three cheerful robots.

"Love of Family" Sippy Cup

"Love of Family" Divided Plate

"Love of Family" Suction Bowl

"Sweet as Honey" features a teddy bear.

"Sweet as Honey" Suction Bowl

"Sweet as Honey" Sippy Cup

"Sweet as Honey" Divided Plate

"Wish on a Star" stars a cuddly looking bunny.

"Wish on a Star" Suction Bowl

Wish on a Star Sippy Cup

"Wish on a Star" Divided Plate

The designs on "Imagine the World" show a giraffe surrounded by his beloved books.

"Imagine the World" Suction Bowl

"Imagine the World" Divided Plate

"Celebrate Your Day" shows an elephant celebrating his birthday with cake and balloons.

"Celebrate Your Day" Suction Bowl

"Celebrate Your Day" Sippy Cup

"Celebrate Your Day" Divided Plate

Shop for these and our other baby gifts in our shop in downtown Wenatchee, or via our website!

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