Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lilliputiens Plush Baby Toys at the Gilded Lily

Looking for an extra special gift for your grandchild, newborn niece or nephew, or for a friend's baby shower? Come ask to see our fabulous line of soft plush luxury baby toys by Lilliputiens. We were drawn to this Belgian company's amusing, whimsical, colorful soft toys when we first saw their Ophelie and Her Chicks playset.

"Leo" the peacock and "Josephine" the caterpillar are activity chains for infants. Great for tummy time! $37.50.

Basile Acti-Monkey features a variety of textures to touch and play with. He also wears a mirror so Baby can admire their face. $49.

"Dancing" toys are ideal for young infants. Pull the string and the toy cheerfully dances and vibrates. We sell Anouk the penguin, Ophelie's Dancing Egg, Ophelie the chicken, and Nicky the dancing duck. $17.95.

Simon the Hedgehog Bellrattle is one of our staff favorites. $23.25.

Perfect for adding onto a gift package - Walter Dragon Rattle, $14.75.

The Topsy Turvy Little Red Riding Hood transforms into Grandma as well as the Big Bad Wolf. Encourages fanciful fairytale play. $49.50.

"Victor Out for a Ride" is for your baby's stroller, pram, or car seat. It straps on to entertain them while you're out and about. $36.

The Safari House is a self contained plush playset. It comes with a stuffed lion, a leopard, a monkey, a crocodile, and a hippo. It also includes a plush vehicle and driver. $83.80.

Lizophone is a little elf from the Fairy Tales collection. Push the buttons and soft, magical sounds play. $23.50.

The Liz Reversible Rattle is a topsy turvy toy. Switch between Liz the elf and a Ladybug. $34.50.

"Baby Rose" and "Baby Chou" are fabulous plush dolls that come with flower-shaped carrying cases. Each doll has a stuffed bottle to "drink" from, and comes with a stuffed animal toy that matches her outfit. Great for cuddly company for your little one on car trips or hotel visits. $52.50 each.

We love the sweet face on this Ladybird Hand Rattle, $25.75.

The Little Doctor Set comes with a carrying case, plush stethoscope, teddy bear, plush bandages, pill jar, blood pressure cuff, and other medical toys. $51.50.

Farm Bowling Pins offer soft, safe silly play for babies. Six farm animal shaped pins and a colorful plush ball come with the set, $50.

Shop for Lilliputiens and our other baby toys and baby shower gifts at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee! Or phone us at (877) 550-LILY to mail order our Lilliputiens toys.

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