Monday, May 21, 2012

New Gourmet Foods from Bella Cucina

New this week in our Gourmet Food section - new tempting, tasty offerings from Bella Cucina. Great for those of you who throw a lot of parties, barbecue frequently and host festive meals.

Organic Meyer Lemon Relish is fabulous in salad; served atop a salty cheese such as a Haloumi; spooned over grilled vegetables; or as a condiment for grilled fish. $12.95 for a 6 ounce jar.

Use Organic Plums in Syrup in cakes or tarts, pureed into cocktails, sliced into salads, or served with gourmet cheeses. $12.95 per jar.

Apricots in Syrup can be used to top homemade gelato or ice cream; floated in sparkling wine; sliced in salads; or paired with Brie cheese. $12.95 per jar of organic apricots.

Sweet Vidalia Onion Pesto can be used as a condiment as well as a pesto pasta sauce. $11 per jar.

Use Caramelized Onion & Golden Raisin as a condiment, spread or an accompaniment to a cheese tasting. $11 per jar.

Roasted Balsamic Peppers can be used in sandwiches, in bruschetta toppings, and to make fabulous party appetizers. $12.95 per jar.

Golden Pepper Pesto, great for bruschetta as well as for pasta sauces. $11 per jar.

Use our Organic Savory Tomato Jam to enhance meatloaf, burgers, sliders, or as a dip for our Stonewall Kitchen Potato Sticks. $12.95 per jar.

We're so excited about these new Crostata Sweet Butter Pastry Tarts. Fill them with our gourmet dessert toppings, such as Stonewall Kitchen's Wild Maine Blueberry Jam; Raspberry Peach Champagne Jam; Lemon Curd; Tangerine Marmalade; Chocolate Peppermint sauce; Coffee Caramel Sauce; Dulce du Leche sauce or other tasty fillings. Top each with a berry or a decorative tiny sprig of mint. $15.95 per box.

Here's a peek at how your filled pastry tarts might look, ready for guests to nibble and enjoy.

Bella Cucina's "Pizza Kit" makes a great graduation, housewarming, or hostess gift. The kit includes Bella Cucina's tasty sauce and pizza dough starter. $27.

Jazz up your pasta dinners with Sun Dried Tomato & Capers Sugo pasta sauce. $18.95 for a jar.

Buy these and our other gourmet foods from Bella Cucina at the Gilded Lily shop in downtown Wenatchee.

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