Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Plush Baby Toys from Jellycat

New this month at the Gilded Lily, in our Baby section:

Puddle Monkey in Small, $13.75; in Medium, $21

Paloma Piglet, $31.50

Orla Ostrich, $26.50

Leonardo Lion, $31.50

Latte Puppy, $31.50

Furryosity Camel, $25.50

Edmundo Elephant, $31.50

Bianca Kitty, $31.50

Bashful Treacle Bunny, Medium, $18.95

Bashful Lilac Bunny, Small, $11.75

Bashful Bunny in Cream, Small, $11.75

Bashful Black-and-Cream Puppy Soother, $15.75

Bashful Black-and-Cream Puppy Rattle, $11.75

12" Woodland Babe Bunny, $18.95

Shop for these and our other Jellycat plush toys for babies at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee!

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