Thursday, November 3, 2011

Holiday Sneak Preview: Votivo's Christmas Scents

We're delighted to introduce four fabulous holiday scented candles for your home from our favorite candle company, Votivo.

Winter Cranberry

Winter Cranberry is scented with creamy vanilla, musk, earthy balsam, amber essence, ruby cranberry jam, and a hint of cassis extract.

Joie de Noel

Votivo's best selling, extremely popular holiday fragrance. Joie de Noel comes packaged elegantly in silver. It's fragranced with darkened hearty cut spices, woody strands of aged rosemary, fragrant spruce and delicate hemlock boughs, caravan herbs and reminiscent of thickened honey combs.

Clementine Clove

Fragranced with chopped clove, fresh cinnamon sticks, black peppered nutmeg, Clementine oranges and fresh thyme sprigs.

Christmas Sage

This holiday fragrance evokes freshly harvested juniper berries, tangy hemlock cones, and fragrant emerald hued spruce boughs.

Each 8.5 ounce Votivo holiday candle sells for $31.50. They'll each burn for approximately fifty to sixty hours if kept properly trimmed and away from drafts.

Purchase these and our other home fragrances and holiday candles at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee!

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