Sunday, September 4, 2011

New Purses for Fall from Bravo Handbags

Fall sneak preview - Here are our newest purses from Bravo Handbags. Just arrived!

Sabrina Caramel Cheetah, $294

Kiely Caramel Cheetah, $367.50

Katya Synthetic Leather Bag, $147.50

Liana in Orange, $157.50

Liana in Grey, $157.50

Liana in Blue, $157.50

Liana in Black, $157.50

Diana in Cream, $483

Shop at the Gilded Lily in Wenatchee for these and our other chic and fashionable purses for autumn. We pride ourselves on discovering lovely, unique purses you can't find anywhere else in Wenatchee!

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