Monday, August 15, 2011

New Gourmet Pastas at the Gilded Lily

Just arrived - new pastas from Italian Harvest. Find them in the gourmet foods section at the front of our store.

Scialatelli "Unkempt Hair" Pasta $8

Traditionally served with a pork-based ragu.

Linguine Arcobaleno, $12.50

Rainbow-colored linguine, great for making family night pasta fun and colorful.

Large Rainbow Bowties, $21.50

A larger package of this popular colorful bow-tie pasta.

Pappardelle Pasta, $7.50

Bundles of wide pasta. The classic dish this pasta is used with in Italy is "Pappardelle alla Lepre", a wild rabbit and tomato sauce.

Shop at the Gilded Lily for these and our other gourmet foods and pastas!

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