Monday, February 7, 2011

The Gilded Lily's Spring Sneak Preview

Cherries Compact from Spring Street

Colorful Keychains from Spring Street

Spring Street Bracelets

Macarons Cookbook by Annie Rigg

Pop Bakery Cookbook

Liz Rattle, from Lilliputiens

Little Red Riding Hood Topsy-Turvy Doll, by Lilliputiens

Tagua Nut Earrings, by Nuna

Tagua Nut Bracelet, in Lime Green

Nuna's red tagua nut bracelet

Necklace, by Nuna

Carson Handbag, by Hobo

Coming soon to the Gilded Lily: New handbags and wallets from Hobo, JayneMax, and Lodis. Also: More new jewelry from Nuna, Spring Street, and Seasonal Whispers; plus new plush European baby toys from Lilliputiens; new baby clothes for Spring; and lots of interesting new cookbooks and home decor books.

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